These are the building blocks of our services & solutions.
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Managed Infrastructure

The Managed Infastructure portfolio represents the ingredients of all our enterprise solutions. These products -or building blocks- range from core networking & security to network service layers, application layers and virtual computing platforms. Please click any individual product to get detailed information about the product itself, the services we can optionally provide, and the models we support (hosted/on-premise).

> Networking and Security
> Load Balancing Clusters
> SSL Offloading
> Site-to-site VPNs

> Managed DNS Service
> Managed MTA Service
> Managed File Transfer
> GeoIP Redirection

> Advanced Web Cluster
> Managed Exchange
> Managed Lync
> Sharepoint Portals

> Virtual Computing
> Citrix Applications
> Monitoring & Reporting
> Utility Services

Client Infrastructure

The Client Infrastructure portfolio represents our colocation business. It consists of private cloud infrastructure typically managed by our clients, or hybrid solutions where client infrastructure is mixed with shared services from our managed portfolio. Other services include LocalNet products for Managed Service Providers to securely deliver value-added services to Fleximus customers at local wirespeed.


> Floor/Rack Space
> Virtual Servers
> Partner LocalNets
> Utility Services

Expert Tools & Processes

With its "SiteStager" platform, Fleximus connects enterprises, agencies and integrators. Security, audit and compliance with corporate standards is enforced throughout the whole project organization with agencies and integrators included. Change management ensures a controlled release- and approval process is always followed.


> SiteStager Platform
> Secure Proxies
> Audit Framework
> Performance Analysis