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Enterprise Cloud Management Solutions

For over a decade now, Fleximus is providing high-capacity, managed application platforms for enterprise customers. Today, it's called Cloud Computing. We are unrivaled as a provider of large-scale projects ranging from web applications to custom backoffice-integrated solutions. We work for financial institutions, telecom operators, pharmaceuticals, industry and government.

Collaboration Platform & Network Solutions

With its "SiteStager" platform, Fleximus connects enterprises, agencies and integrators. Security, audit and compliance with corporate standards is enforced throughout the whole project organization with agencies and integrators included. Change management ensures a controlled release- and approval process is always followed.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring

Fleximus offers a comprehensive SLA monitoring, verification and consolidation service. A must-have tool for marketing managers to monitor site availability and performance against predefined objectives. Regardless geography or hosting partner, we provide you with unbiased business performance metrics. All monitored & reported from one place.